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Tue Feb 9 at 16:30
Colloquium: Games, Electrical Networks, and Quantum Algorithms
Tue Feb 23 at 16:30
Colloquium: Marissa Giustina
Tue Mar 8 at 16:30
Colloquium: Jason Hogan (’03)
Tue Mar 22 at 16:30
Colloquium: Janice Hudgings


5 Jun 15
Letter from the Chair
4 Jun 15
HMC Hosts ALPhA Workshop on Quantum Optics
10 May 15
Congratulations to Brett Berger and Aaron Rosenthal
21 Apr 15
Seneca Harberger (’05) Named a 2014 Pisacano Scholar
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 18 June 2014 

Caleb Eades (’16) clowning with the evacuated pipe through which the UT Austin THOR laser beam travels. When fired up, the laser produces 1-J pulses of 40 fs, which means that its peak power of 25 TW is more than 5 times the average power delivered across the US electrical grid.