Upcoming Events

Tue Mar 3 at 16:30
Colloquium: A Long Winter: Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization with the South Pole Telescope
Tue Mar 10 at 16:30
Colloquium: Jason Rhodes (’94)
Tue Apr 14 at 16:30
Colloquium: Katherina Gillen
Tue Apr 28 at 16:30
Colloquium: Jim Enstrom (’65)


10 Jan 15
Daniel Strenge’s Untimely Demise
26 Sep 14
Letter from the Chair
16 Sep 14
Rojansky, Bell, and Townsend Awards Conferred
23 Jul 14
Jaron Kent-Dobias named Apker finalist
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 2 October 2013 

Everyone enjoys the fabulous good baked by their favorite physics professors, especially when they comprise the basic food groups: sugar, flour, and fat!