5 Jun 15
Letter from the Chair
4 Jun 15
HMC Hosts ALPhA Workshop on Quantum Optics
10 May 15
Congratulations to Brett Berger and Aaron Rosenthal
21 Apr 15
Seneca Harberger (’05) Named a 2014 Pisacano Scholar
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 29 May 2014 

Professor Donnelly’s group works on laser-based fusion, for which they need to deliver micron-size particles to the focus of the THOR laser. They use a second laser pulse to blast particles off a prepared silicon wafer. This scanning electron micrograph shows the damage left on the silicon wafer after the ablation pulse has cleared an area of 2-micron-diameter spheres. The hexagonal close packing pattern of dots of damage suggest that either some sort of lensing is occurring performed by the spheres or the residue which holds the spheres in place remains on the surface after ablation.