Sheena Patel (’14) and Brendan Folie (’11) Win NSF Fellowships

Congratulations to Sheena Patel (’14) and Brendan Folie (’11) on earning NSF Graduate Fellowships in Physics. Brendan is in his first year at U.C. Berkeley after spending two years in the Peace Corps in Ghana. Sheena is deciding between Eric Fullerton’s group at U.C. San Diego and Joe Checkelsky’s group at M.I.T. Nice going!

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Colloquium: Dwarf to Super Novae: How Dead Stars Occasionally Light Up and Tell Us About the Universe (Tue Apr 22 at 16:30)
Colloquium: Deep Down Beauty: Particle Physics, Mathematics, and the World Around Us (Tue Apr 29 at 16:30)


Sheena Patel (’14) and Brendan Folie (’11) Win NSF Fellowships (April 1, 2014)
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Summer research students Celeste Melamed (’15) and Sheena Patel (’14) visiting the eSolar demonstration solar thermal power plant in Lancaster.