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Tue Nov 4 at 16:30
Colloquium: Playing with Sand: Complex Behaviors from a Simple Material
Tue Nov 18 at 16:30
Colloquium: (topic: string theory)


26 Sep 14
Letter from the Chair
16 Sep 14
Rojansky, Bell, and Townsend Awards Conferred
23 Jul 14
Jaron Kent-Dobias named Apker finalist
13 Jun 14
Sahakian Lands NSF Grant
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 18 June 2014 

Donnelly group member Aaron Rosenthal (’15) working on the particle-delivery system for laser fusion experiments at the University of Texas at Austin. The setup slides into the target vacuum chamber and delivers micron-sized particles into the the UT Austin THOR laser beam. This laser produces 1-J pulses of 40 fs, which means that its peak power of 25 TW is more than 5 times the average power delivered across the US electrical grid!