Calibration Source for a Prototype Car-Wash Detector of Fissile Material

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
2008 – 2009
  • Richard C Haskell
  • Ruye Wang
Elizabeth A. Ellis (’10)
Jonathan C. D. Hubbard (’10)
Lupita Bermudez (’09)
Rachael M. Martin (’09)
Reuben Villagomez (’09)

The joint Physics-Engineering clinic team has designed and constructed a waterproof, tagged neutron source for the purpose of calibrating a new type of neutron detector currently in development at LLNL.  The calibration of the LLNL detector is required to verify that its efficiency is maintained as the detector is scaled up to the size required for security scanning at major ports of entry as part of a program aimed at non-proliferation of fissile material.


The Physics Clinic program presents opportunities for students to work on practical projects relevant to industrial work. Students work on teams of 3–5 on a sponsored research or development project.