Axion Dark Matter Experiment

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
2010 – 2011
  • Carl Baumgaertner
  • Richard C Haskell
Maximillian Luis Gonzalez (’12)
Nicole M. Crisosto (’11)
Oliver R. Hoidn (’11)
David A. Rolfe (’11)
Matthew A. Streshinsky (’11)

The Axion Dark Matter Experiment (ADMX) clinic project is sponsored by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to develop a piezo-electric rotary drive system.  This drive system will move tuning rods within a microwave cavity to adjust the cavity’s resonant frequency as it scans for signatures of axion dark matter.  The system must be able to operate with heat generation on the order of 100 microwatts or less at 0.1 K in an 8 T magnetic field and 10-6 torr vacuum.

The Physics Clinic program presents opportunities for students to work on practical projects relevant to industrial work. Students work on teams of 3–5 on a sponsored research or development project.