Physics 19 — Physics at the Edge

This course will teach you about the conceptual foundations of modern physics. We will cover a wide range of examples and concepts that span many sub-disciplines while emphasizing the unity of physics and its fundamental character. We will discuss general concepts from Relativity to Quantum Mechanics to Cosmology and black holes, from superconductivity and the beauty of phase transitions to the Standard Model of particle physics and quantum entanglement. We will use high school math to explore the details of these concepts. Visual interactive simulations will replace equations wherever possible, and homeworks will help you explore explicit cases with basic computations. Near the end of the semester, you will choose a topic from current physics news that you will present to the class.

    Meetings, Fall 2019   

Section Location Times Instructor
Section 1 Shanahan 2407 TR at 13:15–14:30 Missing alt information Sahakian