Physics 84 — Quantum Information

This course covers foundational principles and results in the emerging field of quantum information science, including both quantum computing and quantum communication.  The lectures, readings, and problem sets will cover the fundamentals of discrete-state quantum mechanics; quantum logic gates; several famous quantum computing algorithms including search and factoring; basics of quantum error correction; and quantum teleportation, cryptography, and secret-sharing schemes.  Student presentations will explore current hardware implementations of quantum information theory, along with special theoretical topics.

Prerequisites:  CS5, Ph51, and Math 40, 65.  Students will need command of linear algebra skills, such as finding eigenvalues and eigenvectors of matrices, inverting matrices, and using change-of-basis matrices to transform vectors and matrices.

Physics 84 counts as a half-course elective for the HMC physics major, and as an elective for the HMC computer science major.

Alternate years: next offering is spring 2015.

    Meetings, Fall 2019