Chih-Yung Chen
PhD from MIT
Solid-state physics, high-T superconductors and semiconductors
Thomas D. Donnelly
PhD from California, UC Berkeley
High-intensity laser physics and fluid dynamics
James C. Eckert
PhD from USC
Magnetic thin films
Ann A. Esin
PhD from Harvard
Jason Gallicchio
PhD from Harvard
Experimental cosmology
Sharon Gerbode
PhD from Cornell
Soft condensed matter
Richard C. Haskell
PhD from Johns Hopkins
Theresa W. Lynn
PhD from Caltech
Quantum optics and quantum information science
Gregory A. Lyzenga
PhD from Caltech
Geophysics and solar system astronomy
Department Chair
Peter N. Saeta
PhD from Harvard
Ultrafast physics, semiconductors, photovoltaics, energy and environment
Vatche Sahakian
PhD from Chicago
Theoretical physics, including string theory and cosmology
Patricia D. Sparks
PhD from Cornell
Solid state physics, including study of the optical properties of metals and interfaces
John S. Townsend
PhD from Johns Hopkins
Theoretical particle physics
Jennifer Carson
PhD from California, UCLA
Liz W. Connolly
PhD from Caltech
Quantum optics
Sarah R. Nichols
PhD from Stony Brook
Ultrafast phenomena
Michael C. Storrie-Lombardi
MD from Florida
Thomas Helliwell
PhD from Caltech
General relativity
Daniel C. Petersen
PhD from Harvard
Biophysics, including physical properties of membranes, optical coherence microscopy; chaos
Robert P. Wolf
PhD from MIT
Energy resources, especially solar energy, environmental effects; Nonlinear phenomena, including chaotic behavior; computer modeling; Solid state physics, especially low-temperature phase transitions