Chih-Yung Chen

Emeritus Professor (1990)
Solid-state physics, high-T superconductors and semiconductors
909-607-3264 (office)
909-621-8024 (department)
909-621-8887 (fax)

My current research project is a study of deep states responsible for the persistent photoconductivity in quantum well structures of Si-doped GaAs.

The weak persistent photoconductivity (WPPC) with an annealing temperature 235 K in quantum well (QW) structures of Si delta-doped GaAs (delta-GaAs:Si) is of great technological interest because of its potential applications in high-density data storage. To understand the nature of the centers responsible for the persistent photoconductivity we will perform the experiment of Shubnikov-deHaas oscillations in magnetoresistance (MR) on a series of delta- GaAs:Si QW structures. From the Shubnikov-deHaas oscillations the subband structure of the two-dimensional electron gas that is confined in the well can be determined. Its temperature dependence will provide important information about the height of the recapture barrier that prevents the electrons from recombining with the defects and results in the persistent photoconductivity.

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