Gregory A. Lyzenga

Professor (1990)
PhD Caltech
Geophysics and solar system astronomy
Keck 1241
909-621-8378 (office)
909-621-8024 (department)
909-621-8887 (fax)

Geophysics, including observational study of crustal deformation and earthquakes using geodetic, seismological and gravimetric methods; computer simulation of tectonic processes. Solar system astronomy.

Recent Publications

Andrea Donnellan, Jay Parker, Michael Heflin, Gregory A. Lyzenga, Angelyn W. Moore, Lisa Grant Ludwig, John Rundle, Jun Wang, and Marlon Pierce

Fracture Advancing Step Tectonics Observed in the Yuha Desert and Ocotillo, CA, Following the 2010 Mw 7.2 El Mayor-Cucapah Earthquake

Earth and Space Science (2018) .
Eye candy

M. T. Glasscoe, A. Donnellan, L. H. Kellogg, and Gregory A. Lyzenga

Evidence of strain partitioning between the Sierra Madre fault and the Los Angeles Basin, southern California from numerical models

Pure and Applied Geophysics 161 (2004) 2343-2357.
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