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Karen F. Shakespear, Katherine L. Perdue, Stephanie M. Moyerman, Joseph Checkelsky, Seneca S. Harberger, Adele C. Tamboli, M. J. Carey, Patricia D. Sparks, and James C. Eckert

Determining the spin-dependent mean free path in Co90Fe10 using giant magnetoresistance

Journal of Applied Physics 97 (2005) 10C513.

Katherine L. Perdue, M. J. Carey, Patricia D. Sparks, and James C. Eckert

Exchange bias and giant magnetoresistance in spin valves with angstrom-scale antiferromagnetic layers at 5 K

IEEE Transactions on Magnetism 41 (2005) 2706.

R. D. McKeown, B. E. Carlson, E. Brobeck, Nathan Jones, M. B. Larson, Theresa W. Lynn, J. E. Hill, B. J. Falkowski, R. Seki, J. Sepikas, and G. B. Yodh

Search for correlated high energy cosmic ray events with CHICOS (update)

Proceedings of the International Cosmic Ray Conference 29 (2005) NULL.

Vatche Sahakian

Closed strings in Ramond-Ramond backgrounds

Journal of High Energy Physics 0404 (2004) 026.

P. C. Sharma

On the polarization of closed strings by Ramond-Ramond fluxes

Journal of High Energy Physics 0410 (2004) 021.

M. T. Glasscoe, A. Donnellan, L. H. Kellogg, and Gregory A. Lyzenga

Evidence of strain partitioning between the Sierra Madre fault and the Los Angeles Basin, southern California from numerical models

Pure and Applied Geophysics 161 (2004) 2343-2357.

G. Dubus, B. Kern, Ann A. Esin, R. E. Rutledge, and C. Martin

Simultaneous optical and x-ray high-speed photometry of Cyg X-2

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 347 (2004) 1217-1223.

Thomas D. Donnelly, Jason M. Hogan, Andrew J. Mugler, Michael Schubmehl, Andrew J. Bernoff, and Bradley Forrest

An experimental study of micron-scale droplet aerosols produced via ultrasonic atomization

Physics of Fluids 16 (2004) 2843.
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Patricia D. Sparks, Nathaniel P. Stern, Darci Snowden, Brian Kappus, James C. Eckert, and A. M. Fusello

Stripe domains and magnetoresistance in thermally deposited nickel films

Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 272-276 (2004) e1339.

James C. Eckert, Nathaniel P. Stern, Darci Snowden, Joseph Checkelsky, Patricia D. Sparks, and M. J. Carey

Effects of oxygen concentration in cobalt/cobalt oxide exchange-coupled spin valves

Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 272-276 (2004) 1898.