Junior and senior physics majors attend our biweekly colloquium series, held on Tuesday afternoons at 4:30 pm in Shanahan B460. The talks are open to all students and to the public, and are frequently attended by scientists from the other Claremont Colleges, Cal Poly Pomona, and others. The series features speakers from a broad range of institutions and fields of physics.

HMC Physics Colloquium shot
Nov. 20, 2001 Bruce I. Cohen, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Computer Modeling of a Fusion Plasma
Nov. 6, 2001 Alex Hall, University of California at Los Angeles
Understanding Earth’s Climate
Oct. 9, 2001 Norman S. Sakamoto, Northrop Gruman Corporation
Global Hawk: A Transformation in Airborne Reconnaissance
Sept. 25, 2001 Richard Haglund, Vanderbilt University
Physics Converging: Biological, Materials and Optical Physics at The Nanometer Scale
Sept. 11, 2001 Todd Ditmire, University of Texas at Austin
The Physics of Ultrafast, Ultratense Light Interactions With Matter
April 10, 2001 Jack W. Judy, University of California at Los Angeles
Magnetic MEMS
March 27, 2001 John B. Rundle, University of Colorado at Boulder
Understanding the Physics of Earthquakes with HPC Numerical Simulations: Implications for Earthquake
March 6, 2001 Stephen H. Schneider, Stanford University
Climate Modeling: Can the Forecasts be Verified?
Feb. 20, 2001 T. C. Lubensky, University of Pennsylvania
Topological Defects, Interactions, and Chaining in Nematic Emulsions
Jan. 23, 2001 Ann Esin, Caltech
In Search of Black Holes in Our Galaxy
Dec. 12, 2000 Robert Knop (’90), University of California at Riverside
Measuring the Accelerating Universe with Supernovae
Dec. 5, 2000 Huan Lin, Steward Observatory
Exploring the Universe with Galaxy Redshift Surveys
Nov. 28, 2000 Daniel A. Dale, Caltech
Infrared Diagnostics of Galaxies
Nov. 14, 2000 Andrea Lommen, University of California at Berkeley
Pulsars: Interstellar Laboratories for Uncontrollable Physics
Oct. 31, 2000 Charles A. Sackett (’91), National Institute of Standards and Technology
Quantum Entanglement in Ion Traps