Junior and senior physics majors attend our biweekly colloquium series, held on Tuesday afternoons at 4:30 pm in Shanahan B460. The talks are open to all students and to the public, and are frequently attended by scientists from the other Claremont Colleges, Cal Poly Pomona, and others. The series features speakers from a broad range of institutions and fields of physics.

HMC Physics Colloquium shot
May 4, 1999 Paul Kwiat, University of California at Riverside
Something Quantum This Way Comes
April 20, 1999 Harry Tom, University of California at Riverside
What Can Happen in a Few Femtoseconds?
April 6, 1999 Henry C. Kapteyn (’83), University of Michigan
Ultrashort Light Pulses
March 23, 1999 Michael Cross, Caltech
Controlling Chaos: Towards Quieting the Beating Heart
March 2, 1999 Robert P. Wolf, Harvey Mudd College
Boojums and Hyperbolic Hedgehogs: Strange Beauty of Nematic Liquid Crystal Emulsions
Feb. 9, 1999 David J. Stevenson, Caltech
The Formation of the Earth and the Role of Impacts on the Origin of Life
Feb. 2, 1999 James R. Groome, Harvey Mudd College
Deactivation Kinetics of Sodium Channels in Skeltal Muscle: Independent or Cooperative Gating?
Nov. 24, 1998 Robert Knop (’90), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Measuring the Expansion of the Universe with Supernovae
Nov. 19, 1998 Thomas R. Cech, University of Colorado at Boulder
Life at the end of the Chromosome: Where Chemistry and Biology Meet Bioinformatics
Oct. 27, 1998 Lee Casperson, Portland State University
Instabilities and Chaos in Lasers and Other Physics Systems
Oct. 13, 1998 Adam S. Landsberg, WM Keck Science Center
Disorder and Synchronization in Josephson Junction Arrays
Sept. 29, 1998 Chih-Yung Chen, Harvey Mudd College
Persistent Photoconductivity in Si :mil:`\delta`-doped GaAs
Sept. 15, 1998 Joseph B. Platt, Harvey Mudd College
Ancient Days With Elementary Particles
April 21, 1998 Scot Gould, WM Keck Science Center
Silk Stalkings: The Mechanics of Spider Silk During Prey Capture
March 24, 1998 Marco Leona, Los Angeles County Museum of Art
More Than Meets The Eye: Scientific Examination of Works of Art