How to (re)set your password

If you are unsure whether you have created a password for your account on the Calculus Tutorial and Physics Diagnostic server, follow these directions to reset the password. You may want to display them in a separate tab to follow as you go through the procedure.

Start at the login page, which looks as follows:

Click the Forgot your password? link.

You will then see a form requesting your email address. You must use your official hmc address, either the one that ends with or the one that ends with

You will then see a page that informs you that the reset email message has been sent to your hmc email account.

If you don't get the message within a few minutes, and you have checked your spam filter, check to make sure that you typed your email address in correctly. (For security purposes, the form does not inform you if you have entered an unknown email address.)

The email message you receive will look roughly like the following:

Click on the single-use link, which will take you to the following page

which will allow you to enter a new password. Be sure to follow the listed restrictions on the password, or your choice will be rejected.

If your password passes muster, you will see the following message that includes a link to log in.

Click that link, enter your HMC email address and the new password, and you should be good to go.