Thomas D. Donnelly

Professor (1997)
PhD California, UC Berkeley
High-intensity laser physics and fluid dynamics
Keck 1239
909-607-1843 (office)
909-621-8024 (department)
909-621-8887 (fax)

Professor Donnelly deeply involves students in all aspects of his research.  His research group teams up with engineers to create novel regenerative-medicine devices and nano-materials. We collaborate with Prof. Liz Orwin in the engineering department to help develop a “brain patch,” a band-aid-like cell-delivery system that employs chitosan nanoparticles and stem cells to treat traumatic-brain-injury wounds. We also collaborate with Prof. Albert Dato in the engineering department to develop new methods for the efficient production of high-purity graphene powder.

Students who work with Prof. Donnelly are exposed to many areas of experimental physics, typically work in teams, and are self-motivated.

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Recent Publications

Calvin Leung and Thomas D. Donnelly

Measuring the spatial resolution of an optical system in an undergraduate optics laboratory

American Journal of Physics 85 (2017) 429-438.
Figure 10

C. J. Price, Thomas D. Donnelly, S. Giltrap, N. H. Stuart, S. Parker, S. Patankar, H. F. Lowe, D. Drew, E. T. Gumbrell, and R. A. Smith

An in-vacuo optical levitation trap for high-intensity laser interaction experiments with isolated microtargets

Review of Scientific Instruments 86 (2015) 033502.
RSI Donnelly 2015
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