Richard Campbell Haskell

Emeritus Professor (1980)
PhD Johns Hopkins
Keck 1243
909-607-2768 (office)
909-621-8024 (department)
909-621-8887 (fax)

Optical Coherence Microscope (OCM) - An interdisciplinary team of faculty (Haskell and Petersen in Physics) and students have designed and constructed an OCM to study outstanding questions in developmental biology. Laser diodes, interferometers, fast photodetectors, fiber optics, photon statistics, and 3-D computer graphics have been critical topics in this project. For a short but complete description, see the OCM site.

Recent Publications

William Lamb, Dallon E. Asnes, Jonathan G. Kupfer, Emma Grace Lickey, Jeremy Kenechukwu Bakken, Richard Campbell Haskell, Peter N. Saeta, and Qimin Yang

Real-Time Anticipation and Prevention of Hot Spots by Monitoring the Dynamic Conductance of Photovoltaic Panels

IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics 12 (2022) 1051-1057.
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Jonas Leif Kaufman, Scott H. Tan, Kirklann Lau, Ashka Shailesh Shah, Robert G. Gambee, Christopher P. Gage, Lupe Maria MacIntosh, Albert Dato, Peter N. Saeta, Richard Campbell Haskell, and Todd C. Monson

Permittivity effects of particle agglomeration in ferroelectric ceramic-epoxy composites using finite element modeling

AIP Advances 8 (2018) 125020.
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