Recent Publications

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Ian Weiner, Michael J. Rust, and Thomas D. Donnelly

Particle size determination: An undergraduate lab in Mie scattering

American Journal of Physics 69 (2001) 129.

Barbara M. Hoeling, A. D. Fernandez, Richard Campbell Haskell, and Daniel C. Petersen

Phase modulation at 125 kHz in a Michelson interferometer using an inexpensive piezoelectric stack driven at resonance

Review of Scientific Instruments 72 (2001) 1630-1633.

Ann A. Esin, J. E. McClintock, J. J. Drake, M. R. Garcia, C. A. Haswell, and R. I. Hynes

Modeling the low state spectrum of the x-ray nova XTE J1118_480

Astrophysical Journal 555 (2001) 483.

Thomas D. Donnelly, Michael J. Rust, Ian Weiner, M. Allen, R. A. Smith, C. A. Steinke, S. Wilks, J. Zweiback, and T. Ditmire

Hard x-ray and hot electron production from intense laser irradiation of wavelength scale particles

Journal of Physics B 34 (2001) L313.

J. W. Hettinger, M. de la P. Mattozzi, Whittier R. Myers, Mary Williams, A. Reeves, R. L. Parsons, Richard Campbell Haskell, Daniel C. Petersen, Ruye Wang, and J. I. Medford

Optical coherence microscopy: A technology for rapid, in vivo, non-destructive visualization of plants and plant cells

Plant Physiology 123 (2000) 3-15.

Kevin L. Moore and Thomas D. Donnelly

Probing nonequilibrium electron distributions in gold by use of second harmonic generation

Optics Letters 24 (1999) 990.

Thomas D. Donnelly and C. Grossman

Ultrafast Phenomenon: A Laboratory Experiment for Undergraduates

American Journal of Physics 66 (1998) 677.

P. C. Sharma, K. L. Wang, K. W. Alt, Chih-Yung Chen, and Tineke Thio

Persistent photoconductivity in Si δ-doped GaAs at low doping concentration

Applied Physics Letters 73 (1998) 3235.

Peter N. Saeta and A. C. Gallagher

Photoluminescence properties of silicon quantum well layers

Physical Review B 55 (1997) 4563.

Chih-Yung Chen, R. J. Birgeneau, E. C. Branlund, A. Cassanho, K. Yang, M. A. Kastner, and ChinSung Bae

Comparison of strontium-induced and oxygen-induced holes in La2CuO4

Physical Review B 51 (1995) 3671.