Liquid Organic Scintillator Detectors for Nuclear Material Monitoring

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
2009 – 2010
  • Richard C Haskell
Yoichi Sagawa (’11)
Roger A. Billingsley (’10)
Chen K. Lim (’10)
Alex N. Steinkamp (’10)
Steven F. Ning (’08)

The joint Physics/Engineering project sponsored by LLNL aims to research a potential organic scintillator for use in an antineutrino detector.  Such a detector must have neutron-gamma discrimination capabilities, and the HMC team will test those capabilities for various cell dimensions and reflectivity levels.  The team will also investigate the relative efficacy of two different algorithms for discriminating between neutron and gamma events.   The result of the team’s research will inform the direction of LLNL’s next antineutrino detector.

The Physics Clinic program presents opportunities for students to work on practical projects relevant to industrial work. Students work on teams of 3–5 on a sponsored research or development project.