Requesting a Letter of Reference

If I have agreed to write a recommendation for you, please email to me:

  • an unofficial copy of your transcript (you can print to PDF from the portal)
  • a copy of your personal statement (if applicable)
  • a spreadsheet showing the places, addresses (both postal and email, if possible), due dates, and any specifics to each place/position to which you wish me to write
  • answers to the following questions:
  1. What courses have you taken from me?
  2. How did you distinguished yourself in those courses? Are there specific achievements or incidents you think it appropriate for me to highlight?
  3. What activities and interests outside of academics are important to you? What have you done in service to the HMC community or the broader community? (e.g., tutoring, grading, volunteering, mentoring, work on a club, student government, proctoring, etc.) What motivates you to do these things, and what have been some of the deepest rewards?
  4. What are your long-term goals?
  5. What else should I know to help me write the strongest possible letter in your behalf?