Igor Pro

Igor Pro is a powerful program for taking and analyzing data—and even developing simulations—that runs natively on Macintosh and Windows (and on Linux using VirtualBox or other emulation software).

Follow the links in the submenu above for detailed help in using Igor Pro. The current version of Igor Pro is 7.0.

  • For a quick start, see this short introduction.
  • For a more complete introduction, see this tutorial on using Igor Pro for common physics laboratory tasks.
  • A helpful procedure file that creates the HMC menu.
  • A FAQ to help you troubleshoot problems.

Terms of the Coursework License

The special coursework license is intended to facilitate the use of Igor as a teaching tool and to introduce students to Igor. The coursework license is available under the following conditions:
  • The software may be used only by students and only for assigned coursework. It may not be used for research.
  • All technical support must go through a single individual who is usually the instructor/licensee.
For more information, see the Wavemetrics website.

Example Simulation


A screenshot of a two-dimensional molecular dynamics simulation that models a gas of hard disks that collide elastically with one another. Download the simulation and run it yourself in Igor Pro 6.2 or above.

By submitting my name in the form at right, I consent to the terms described above. Note: unless you are enrolled in a physics laboratory course during the current or upcoming semester, you will not be able to proceed.