NSF Honorable Mention

2022Winnie U Chu
2021Anna Rose Barth and Madeleine Carolyn Kerr
2020Shifrah Aron-Dine, Henry Louis Fetsch, Ina Claire Flood, and Luis Angel Martinez
2018Sarah Lau Hale and Adam Lawrence Shaw
2017Nathaniel Allen Leslie and Calvin Leung
2016Matthew Dannenberg, Jaron P. Kent-Dobias, and Michelle L. Vick
2015Carola M. Purser and Paul L. Riggins
2011Hong W. Sio
2007Audrey J. Sederberg
2006Colin V. Parker and Andrew R. Wetzel
2005Adele C. Tamboli
2004Laura [Fisher] Clark, Zoe [Boekelheide] DeCamp, and Andrew T. Grier
2001Robert J. Walters
1996Matthew J. Evans and Noah O. Kubow
1992Kent C. Burr and Patrick M. Ogle
1986John K. Hillier, Michial D. Howell, and Steven R. Spielman
1985Chris Felix and William J. Hovingh
1983Enson Chang, Emily A. Greene, and Michael F. Hundley
1979Roger T. Howe and Mark A. Muntean
1977Kenneth J. Adams, Joseph J. Becker, Deborah A. Konkowski, and David A. Kopriva
1976Craig Watkins
1975Bradley L. Bobbs, H. Hamaker, and Gregory A. Lyzenga
1974Joe Costello, Robert R. Lewis, and Francisco Valdes
1973John Mallinckrodt and Howard T. Onishi
1972Lloyd L. Green and Dolores A. [White] Walters
1971Robert L. Billington, Howard I. Krausz, and Catherine A. [Anderson] Pilachowski
1970John Oakley
1969Arne C. Mortensen and George B. Zimmerman
1968Kenneth Noel [Thomson] Gullekson, Bruce R. Land, and James A. Ross
1966John H. Halperin
1965Michael M. Dworetsky, James E. Enstrom, and Eric I. Thorsos
1964Ray G. Helmke, David V. Jensen, George W. Moore, and Gary A. Welch
1963Michael T. Yates
1962Gregory Milman and Richard G. Olson
1961Robert C. Ashenfelter