Rojansky Writing Award

The Rojansky Writing Award is named for Vladimir (Ro) Rojansky, who came to the College as an emeritus professor after retiring from Union College. Following his death, his wife Milla requested that contributions be made to HMC in lieu of flowers, and the Rojansky Award was created from that seed money. Ro was recognized not only for his work in quantum mechanics, but also for his clear and concise writing. The Rojansky Writing Award is given annually for the outstanding term paper in the sophomore quantum mechanics course, Physics 52.

2022Xiaobei Zhang
2021Coleman Jacob Gliddon and Chaehyeong Park (Pomona)
2019Anna Rose Barth
2018Matthew Stephen Fox
2017Evan Joseph Hubinger
2016Andrew Mather Bishop
2015Brynn Elise Arborico
2014Shifrah Aron-Dine
2013Kevin Hale and Xiuyuan Lu
2012Fangzhao Alex An
2011Taylor McAdam
2010Paul L. Riggins
2009Laura Poindexter
2007Benjamin D. Roig
2006Seán M. Meenehan and Benjamin Diamond Preskill
2005Kevin J. Zielnicki
2004Lia R. Corrales
2003David C. Hambrick
2002Andrew J. Mugler
2001Andrew Iannaccone
2000Zachary B. Walters
1999Jeremy J. Liu
1998John Sanborn
1997Jason A. Fredrickson
1996Thaddeus D. Ladd
1995E. Martien
1993Jason L. Regier
1992Eric G. Furze
1990Sean K. O'Keeffe and Jason D. Rhodes
1989Carol Wawrukiewicz
1987F. Scott Porter
1984Steven R. Spielman
1983Tom Wang
1982A. Middleton
1981Michael F. Hundley