Wunderlich Prize

Established in 1994 with gifts from the class of 1967 and Jon's widow, the Jon A. Wunderlich ('67) Prize is awarded to a physics major who has demonstrated remarkable creativity.

2022Kaveh Gabriel Pezeshki
2021Anna Rose Barth
2020Catherine Holland Frank
2019Eli Joseph Weissler
2018Andrew Mather Bishop
2017Jonas Leif Kaufman
2016Xinyue Cai
2014Alberto J. Ruiz
2013Christopher D. Cotner
2011Hong W. Sio
2010Alex N. Steinkamp
2008Junbo Park
2007David W. Mar
2005David Liao
2004William Steven Kolthammer
2003Jonathan [Pearson] Pearson Magoon
2001Seth M. Foreman and Jeremy J. Liu
1999Alexander C. Johnson
1998Paul U. Berry
1997Steven Lee Johnson
1996Daniel C. Bradley and Radhika [Sondhi] Sondhi-Bradley
1994Dean E. Dauger