Bell Prize

The Graydon and Louise Bell Prize was created in 1999 in honor of the first member of the HMC physics department and his wife. It is awarded at the start of the fall semester to a senior physics major for outstanding scholarship, creativity, and service.

2022Albany Eve Blackburn
2021Mariesa Henriette Teo
2020Anna Rose Barth
2019Henry Louis Fetsch
2018Beili Hu and Eli Joseph Weissler
2017Kemper Ludlow
2016Calvin Leung and Yossathorn Tawabutr
2015Jim Wu
2014Zeph Arvanitis
2012Lucas T. Brady
2011Julien B. Devin and Paul L. Riggins
2010Hong W. Sio
2009David A. Berryrieser and Vedika Khemani
2008Andrew P. Higginbotham
2007Peter J. Scherpelz
2006Matthew D. Reed
2005Colin V. Parker
2004David Liao
2003Christopher T. Rodolfa
2002Jason M. Hogan and Nathaniel P. Stern
2001Nicholas P. Breznay and Lara Mercurio
2000Michael J. Rust and Paul G. SanGiorgio
1999Alexander C. Johnson and Whittier R. Myers