Brown Award

The Thomas B. Brown Memorial award for senior research in physics is awarded for research results, originality in conception or in execution of research, diligence, and clarity of oral and written reports.

2022Rebecca Fallon Chan
2021Shion E Andrew, Anna Rose Barth, and Nicholas Devon Jack Heller
2020Madeleine Carolyn Kerr
2019Colin Mackenzie Adams
2018Adam Lawrence Shaw
2017Nathaniel Allen Leslie
2016Shifrah Aron-Dine and Jim Wu
2015Brett Berger
2014Jaron P. Kent-Dobias
2013Jake R. Fish
2012Kali L. Allison
2011Neal C. Pisenti
2010Vedika Khemani
2009Andrew P. Higginbotham
2008Eric J. Baxter
2006Stephanie M. Moyerman
2005Ryan S. Yamada
2004Joseph Checkelsky
2003Nathaniel P. Stern
2002Michael Schubmehl
2001Michael J. Rust
2000Jason W. Brudvik
1999Kevin L. Moore
1998Gwendolyn Rae [Bell] Porter
1997Steven Lee Johnson and Wendy R. Panero
1996Matthew J. Evans and Noah O. Kubow
1995Deborah E. Smith
1994Matthew Z. Hughes and Joseph H. Thywissen
1993Eric C. Branlund and Christopher L. Coleman
1992Theodore A. Sjodin
1991C. Brown and Charles A. Sackett
1990Donald W. Hoard
1989Regina L. [Dudey] Neiman and Peter G. Tenenbaum
1987Donald C. Scott
1986Christopher E. Saxer
1985David Piehler
1983Michael F. Hundley
1982James M. Cline and Henry C. Kapteyn
1981Erik C. Sowa and William J. Spiesman
1980Lee Fife
1979Joseph G. Shanks
1976Scott E. Fraser and Scott E. Smith
1975Alan D. Chave
1974Francisco Valdes
1973Richard Cline
1972Glenn E. Johnson
1971Robert O. Hettel
1970Chris Cunningham
1969Lloyd A. Regier
1968Ronald H. Campbell
1967Michael B. Simmonds
1966Dennis H. Eaton, Kenneth L. Orloff, and Craig Van Degrift
1965James E. Enstrom
1964Gary A. Welch and Bruce W. Worster
1963Fred F. Tomblin